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Re: How to debug microphone?

On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 20:15:53 +0200, Felix Natter wrote:

> Camaleón writes:
>> Try with a more simple approach:
>> # will start recording from the default input source arecord -d 10
>> /tmp/foo.wav
>> And when it finishes, play it with:
>> aplay /tmp/foo.wav
> This records only noise.

"Noise" is something :-P

> Here is the output of arecord -l:
> **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** 
> card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]
>   Subdevices: 2/2
>   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
>   Subdevice #1: subdevice #1

- Check that you are connecting the microphone into the right socket 
(usually colored as pink on desktop computers).

- Check that the mic volume is set to a high level.

- Check that the system has configured the proper default mic device as 
input source (there can be more than one: front, rear... and must match 
to the one you have your mic connected to).

If none of the above works, you can try to define a "model=" for your 
sound card (STAC92xx).



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