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Re: How to debug microphone?

Volkan YAZICI <yazicivo@ttmail.com> writes:

> On Sun, 24 Apr 2011 09:40:49 +0200, Felix Natter writes:
>> I'd like to use my microphone, but when I use gnome-sound-recorder, and
>> - select "Record from input: Front Mic" it doesn't record anything.
>> - select "Record from input: Line In" and attach a headset to the 3.5mm
>>   mic input (Laptop) it doesn't record anything.
>> Audio play works fine in all applications.
>> I am running Debian Lenny. How can I debug this?
> The steps I would recommend are as follows.
> 1) Make sure with alsamixer that mics are not muted.

I don't see the mics in alsamixer, but they aren't muted in
gnome-volume-control, see this screenshot:

> 2) Start arecord with vumeter enabled, that is,
>      arecord -V /tmp/foo.wav
>    and see if vumeter changes.

The -V option is not recognized on Lenny (and -v doesn't produce a

> 3) On failure, go to (1).

Felix Natter

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