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Re: Ubuntu Crossgrade

On 04/21/2011 03:14 AM, David Sanders wrote:
Hello List,

I'm just returning to Debian after a long absence over in Ubuntu land.
The upcoming train-crash that is the Unity UI, and some over-political
decision making in the community has led me to jump back to a more
sensible and technology-led distro where, I hope, one man's pride
isn't going to force horrid decisions on users.

So, a small question - How suicidal is crossgrading back to Debian by
altering my APT sources? I've seen a few blogs saying it works, and I
do have a lot of customised stuff on my main laptop which I'd prefer
not to have to recompile. I'm pretty technically-adept and don't mind
fixing a few issues, but I'd just like to get any horror stories or
otherwise that anyone has.

To be honest, it sounds like you're looking for trouble. I would back up the data and then do a complete reinstall of Debian.

Changing the sources would probably cause some packages to upgrade, and then you'd have custom-compiled packages that might not work as well (or at all).

I personally would never do this. Reinstall, I say.

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