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Re: Laptop won't boot after installation - disk error

On 24 Apr 2011, Allan Wind wrote:
> On 2011-04-24 22:18:02, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > I just did a fresh installation of Debian. Everything seemed to go off
> > correctly but when I came to reboot I got:
> > 
> > Non-system disk or disk error: replace and strike any key when ready.
> > 
> > I reinstalled twice and also reinstalled grub twice. No errors reported.
> > I suspect a hard disk failure or cmos problem. Any other ideas? Is it
> > possible to boot via a cdrom? All the files are there on the hard disk
> > when I look at it via rescue.
> I recently upgraded my laptop and the new laptop required the 
> boot flag set.  You can do that via fdisk (or friends) when 
> booting into rescue or go through the install and set it there 
> but accept the option of keeping the data.  Then just restart 
> after the new partition table is written out.
> /Allan
> -- 
> Allan Wind
> Life Integrity, LLC
> <http://lifeintegrity.com>

Yes!! Thank you indeed for that tip. With the bootable flag set it came
up at once. I don't know why, I had thought it wasn't needed, but
evidently it is. 


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