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Re: Mediawiki extensions for Debian

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 06:51:23PM -0500, John W Foster wrote:
> I'm looking for more Mediawiki extensions packaged for Debian..stable
> Mediawiki 1.1xxx
> Any suggestions? And of course I know I can install them myself, just
> lazy & want to keep the system all Debian.
> TIA:
> John

  p   mediawiki-extensions            - Extensions for MediaWiki -- Meta package  
  p   mediawiki-extensions-base       - Extensions for MediaWiki -- Base package  
  p   mediawiki-extensions-collection - Extensions for MediaWiki -- Collection ext

  p   mediawiki-extensions-confirmedi - Extensions for MediaWiki -- ConfirmEdit ex
  p   mediawiki-extensions-fckeditor  - Extensions for MediaWiki -- FCKeditor exte
  p   mediawiki-extensions-geshi      - Extensions for MediaWiki -- SyntaxHighligh
  p   mediawiki-extensions-graphviz   - Extensions for MediaWiki -- GraphViz exten
  p   mediawiki-extensions-ldapauth   - Extensions for MediaWiki -- LdapAuthentica
  p   mediawiki-extensions-openid     - Extensions for MediaWiki -- OpenID extensi

  p   mediawiki-math                  - math rendering plugin for MediaWiki       
  p   mediawiki-metavidwiki           - A MediaWiki extension for associative temp
  p   mediawiki-semediawiki           - Semantic MediaWiki helps to organise and s


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