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Re: When installing from a CD image How to Gain Internet Access using a router and What is to Enter as Proxy information?

2011/4/17 Varuna Seneviratna <varunaseneviratna@gmail.com>:
> I am trying to install from a CD image of 180MB, On the way I am asked to
> select a Mirror and also a proxy,

This may sound basic, but have you undertaken an agreement with an Internet Service Provider?
Did you fill in all the equired information when your modem was configured in the install?
I don't remember how the basic install happens, but this should be catered for.

I am Using a router to connect to the
> Internet. I  selected a mirror and left the proxy information blank.The
> Installation process displays a message that says unable to gain Internet
> connection and that only a basic Debian System can be installed.How will I
> be able to gain Internet connection.What is the proxy information that I
> should Enter

If you are connecting directly to the internet through a modem, there should be no requirement to configure a proxy. The problem lies with your connection to your ISP or the configuration of your modem. If your modem is new, there should be configuration paperwork that came with it. Check all that. Check with your ISP to ascertain the quality of the connection. They can quite often tell what is wrong from their end. From what you are saying, there's nothing else that could affect the situation.

I wouldn't try to switch to 'expert Install' just yet. That has the potential to introduce further problems when you need to resolve the ones you have. I'd keep things simple. That usually works.

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