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Re: changing my e-mail address

On Sat, 16 Apr 2011, Freeman wrote:

Somewhere between "we don't talk to idiots" (not really) to "you'll figure
it out," on the one axis; between "I am fighting with my significant other"
(probably not) to "I got as many of the most important tasks and responses
done as I could" on the other axis; and between "try, try, try again" (if
you think it that important) to it's in the queue, on the third axis.

  Only 3 dimensions? You forgot some parallel universes?

I have always just subscribed my new address, then unsubscribed my old.

I don't think there is a change address function. List help reply below:

   there is one for ubuntu lists, it's why I asked this question

   If you want to make the membership changes for all the lists that you
   are subscribed to at lists.ubuntu.com, turn on the Change globally
   check box.

   New address:

Pierre Frenkiel

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