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Re: problem with apt-get install AND apt-get upgrade

On 14/04/11 02:59, Christian Jakob wrote:
>> scott@work:~$ python -V
>> Python 2.5.2
> this is the same as mine...
> root@debian # python -V
> Python 2.5.2

You appear to have all the listed dependancies....
>> Have you manually installed scons?
>> Did it throw up any errors?
> No I did not try to install scons before.

What happens if you try and install it now? eg:-

>> I strongly suspect the problems is software based - when I've had
>> hardware based problems with apt there have been plenty of error messages...
> I confirm your opinion, it should be a software based problem.
> Let's go back to your first e-mail:
>> The only things I can think of are:-
>> ;temporary problem with the repository (it certainly works at the time
>> of writing this)
>> ;your apt database is corrupted
>> ;weird dependency problem/conflicts
> I think the problem is either corrupted database or dependency problems of apt-get.
> By the way:
> root@debian # apt-get moo
>   (__)
>   (oo)
>   /------\/
>   / | ||
>  * /\---/\
>   ~~ ~~
> ...."Have you mooed today?"...

To which the only possible reply is (despite my preference for apt-get):-

# aptitude -vvvvv moo

>> If you have the minimal python requirements then, short of suggestions
>>from others, I'd propose that the cause may be a hardware failure.
> ...
>> It's Theodore Ts’o's handler for file system checks - usually runs
>> automagically every x number of boots. It'll show in dmesg if there's
>> been a problem.
> I searched in /var/log/dmesg for "error", "failure" and "abort" - found nothing...

Then an fsck failure shouldn't have occurred.... you can try running it
manually from single-mode on next reboot. Difficult for me to advise on
how without knowing your partitioning and filesystems - but man fsck is
your friend ;-p

>> A hard drive monitoring system:-
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
>> If your hard drive supports it, and it's enabled in your BIOS, then it
>> can be useful to determine if your hdd is failing.
>> NOTE: I don't propose that you need SMART to solve this problem, it's
>> just another place I look for useful error messages when I'm trying to
>> determine if a fault is hardware or software based.
> I'll check BIOS settings during next restart and report in the next message.
> I don't think it's an hardware problem, but maybe I'm wrong.
> P.S. I tried to install apt with the deb package manually, nothing has changed, same problem.
> By now I think of something like
> apt-cache remove apt 
> dpkg -i apt_0.7.20.2+lenny2_i386.deb
> to solve the problem ... :D

Um, I've never tried to replace apt on a running machine, so I can't
advise. If I did I'd certainly use the -d switch first so that at least
I'd have a local copy of the .deb file/s.

Before trying to replace apt... how about trying a manual install of
scons and posting the output?

wget -t 0
dpkg -i scons*all.deb

> How can I find out, when the last apt-get upgrade or apt-get install was successful?

cat /var/log/dpkg.log | more

dpkg has various options that will give you subsets of the same log.

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