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Re: [solved] Exim4 -- MANY "temporarily rejected RCPT" WITHOUT any reason?

Andrew McGlashan wrote:
I've started to have a problem yesterday with exim4 on an old stable box (lenny).

The issue was related to greylisting.

I have a white lists host file and one or more domains stopped resolving and caused the problem.

I resolved via testing as follows:

# exim -d -bh [a-senders-ip-address]

Then wait until it was ready and enter each of the following two lines:

MAIL FROM: marketing@somecompany.com.au

RCPT TO: andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au

With the output that I saw there, I was able to find a bit of extra information to help me resolve the issue.

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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