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Re: My posts to list not echoed

On 03/04/11 03:46 AM, Lisi wrote:
On Sunday 03 April 2011 02:54:17 George Standish wrote:
On 02/04/11 09:11 PM, Ken Heard wrote:
I have noticed that recently my posts to the list have not been echoed
back to me; so I have no confirmation that a given post has been
received by the list and distributed.

I used to have all my posts echoed and wondered why now they are not.
Is such echoing controlled at my end (I am using icedove) or at the list
I have notice the exact same behaviour here.  If I send an email to this
list, I can see my own reply using the Gmail web interface, but my email
never shows in Icedove?

If you use the Gmail SMTP servers, Gmail will dispose of the posting by the
list of your message, presumably on the logic that you know what you said -
but you do not then know whether your post ever reached the list.  It is
presumably meant to be a "feature", but I find it very annoying.

For this reason I send by my ISP's STMP server - when the list will let me!
It sometimes blocks my emails when I do this.


Lisi, thanks for providing a logical explanation for this behaviour.


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