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Re: Guarddog causes intermittent system hang during boot

On Fri, 01 Apr 2011 11:07:42 -0400, Edward C. Jones wrote:

> I have a PC with Debian 6.0 and the amd64 kernel.
> When my system is booting I sometimes get the following message:
> "Setting up guarddog firewall... /etc/rc.firewall: line 390: logger:
> command not found". Then the system hangs.

What does line 390 of "/etc/rc.firewall" file say?
> One time the boot procedure hung with the message "Setting up
> prelinminary keymap...".
> What is the problem? 

It seems that something makes guardog init script to crash. You can find 
out what exactly is and report it or stop using that app (btw, it has 
been removed from unstable and testing two days ago...).

> Does a typical user need a firewall? 

Hard to tell. I'd say "generally no" but having one won't hurt (unless it 
crashes like this :-P).

> Are there any other easy to use firewalls besides guarddog?

Debian wiki lists some of them:




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