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Re: WLAN stick

Op 01-04-11 09:57, Klistvud schreef:
> Dne, 01. 04. 2011 09:37:21 je Paul van der Vlis napisal(a):
>> Hello,
>> Does somebody know here a buyable USB WLAN stick what works out of the
>> box with Debian stable?  (I don't have big problems with firmware from
>> the non-free repository)
>> I know the "Sweex Wireless 54G adapter USB" works out-of-the-box, but
>> the quality of the WLAN connection is really bad and slow.
> Netgear WG111 (at least up to version v3 should work). The quality of
> the v3 which I have is quite good.

Hmmm. This stick is difficult to buy here...  I think it's a bit old.

> Or, alternatively, you could take a Debian laptop to the store and ask
> them to let you test their selection of WLAN sticks ?...

That's an option, but when I want to test if it works well, then I also
need an access point and a password. But I can also buy them when I see
a network and test it at home.

> Or, alternatively, you could consult one of the numerous Linux HCL's now
> available, although they tend to be slightly outdated.

Not sure what an HCL is. I think you mean a website with information.
I found here something: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Devices/USB
It can tell after some searching if a device is supported.
But it's a difficult thing to find which is the best to buy.

Is here somebody who can tell which driver/chipset or vendor is good?

> Oh, yes -- I personally strongly advise against buying a Belkin. They
> seem to ignore the existence of Linux and generally suck at support.

OK, thanks for the information!

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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