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Re: Serial Connection -- shielding

Stephen Powell put forth on 3/31/2011 6:30 AM:

> You can't
> reverse the direction of communications without physical access to
> *both* servers.  That is why you need two serial ports on each server
> and two properly-wired cross-over cables.  If you only care about
> one-way control, then why do you even care about being able to
> reverse the direction of communications?

This is exactly why all tier one, and some tier 2, vendors ship servers
with lights out management boards pre-installed.  This is also exactly
why their predecessor, rack mount KVM over IP devices, were invented, oh
so long ago.

I dare say that if you're too cheap to use one of these proven solutions
then you have no business running a server that needs uptime and quick
diagnosis upon failure.


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