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Re: Finnishing apt/aptitude runs with a script?

On 20110331_080146, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running a host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) and have to 
> update it's database whenever I upgrade the system using apt/aptitude.
> Does that package management suite provide the functionality to run a 
> script/shell command when it's quitting? I'd prefer such a solution over the 
> current scripting approach as I all to aften find myself automatically 
> typing "aptitude" instead of "<Myscript>" ...
> Thank you for any pointers, Joh

Perhaps you could get away with giving your script the name "aptitude" and
placing it in a directory that is searched before the location directory
where the real 'aptitude' is located. e.g. put your 'aptitude' in /root/bin
and put /root/bin at the head of PATH. 

I don't know how well this plays with sudo. YMMV

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