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Re: SIGTERM received when installing Nvidia driver

On 03/30/2011 08:00 AM, Jason Filippou wrote:
Hello list,

I've been running my testing box's graphics through the NVIDIA
proprietary driver, downloaded from their website. However, after
recent updates, logging into my debian box is only possible through
text mode, no X server is started. Whenever I try to install the
downloaded NVIDIA driver (I have 260.xxx and 256.xxxx in my home
folder) with superuser rights, I receive a SIGTERM signal right after
accepting the license. As a result, I can't run an X server. I also
have the package nvidia-kernel-dkms in my system, if that helps in any

Please CC me as I am not on the list.

Why not get them from directly from Debian? (Though you might have to add Experimental to get current drivers.)

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