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libharu - now libhpdf - issues

I am not sure if this a debian issue or not, but I am trying to make a big pdf file of the php manual so I can load it onto my kindle.

I have tried several methods so far and all have failed. I downloaded the big single html file from the php site and tried


I also tried loading the chunked version and tried


The most promising approach has been to try and use the method the php guys themselves use for creating the manual, downloading the raw xml for the svn repository and using phd to create the document.

However, it fails

PHP Fatal error: Class 'HaruDoc' not found in /usr/share/php/phpdotnet/phd/Format/Abstract/PDF.php on line 138

I've tried installing libhpdf and libhpdf from debian, which I think is the binary versions of the libharu stuff (although I don't understand why the name change).

That didn't work, because there is a still no php linkage to that library. After some digging I found I need to do

pecl install haru

but this seems to first detect the haru library and then say that it is wrong as shown by the last few lines of the .configure script (after autodetecting the haru prefix).

checking for Haru PDF support... yes, shared
checking for the location of libz... no
checking for the location of libpng... no
checking for Haru in default path... not found
configure: error: Please specify prefix for your Haru PDF library installation
ERROR: `/tmp/pear/temp/haru/configure --with-haru' failed

I am rather stuck now trying to find a way forward.

Has anyone successfully been through this process? Any ideas how to proceed. Any other packages that can make me a pdf (or other ebook format) that I can load onto my kindle.

Alan Chandler

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