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Re: SSD's under Debian Linux

Le mardi 29 mars, bars0 bars0 écrivit :

> Hi all!
> I recently bought an OCZ VERTEX 2 SSD. What precautions should I take
> when installing Debian on it? Are SSD drives supported by Linux?
> My machine is Lenovo T61. There's a lot of different opinions on the
> net about lifespan of SSD's under linux, as well as filesystem that
> one should use, startup options etc.
> Is there any official documentation about this topic?
> Could someone share its experience about SSD's in Debian or GNU/Linux
> in general.

I bought one in december, already dead two months after...
I think I had no luck.

My replacement works since one month...

What I do :
- change the IO scheduler, like this :
echo noop > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
- mount noatime or relatime the filesystems

Ah ! One problem with my drive/bios : I can't update the firmware, it's
locked. It's the BIOS's fault...

Look here for a firmware updater for Linux :

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