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pnpdump, isapnp, and isapnp.conf

With new MB, I can no longer access my older, analog phone line modem.

The isapnp startup had an older isapnp.conf file.

I assume one uses pnpdump to make a new one with the correct ISAPNP port. I 
found an address 0213 in the /proc/ioports and I seem to get a sensible conf 
file using this. However, when running isapnp startup, it kicks at that port, 
cannot execute the READPORT 0x0213, no further action. (I had the same error 
on the old file that had 273 instead.)

1. Should I even need this?
2. Am I missing something here?
3. lshal shows the card on the appropriate /dev/ttyS2 with its interupt 12.
4. I was not successful with a newer PCI modem either.

The MB is a huge and costly one with a pentium-4 dual core 3ghz with pc-
express Nvidia graphics interface, PCI slots and two legacy ISA. Rare bird 
nowadays. Everything else Debian seems to run no problem.

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