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Re: recover partition table

Am Samstag, 26. März 2011 schrieb Geronimo:
> Hello,
> recently I wiped out all but one partition tables by stupidness and hasty
> reading ...
> Thanks to testdisk, most of the damage is already fixed.
> There are 2 drives, that testdisk could not find the partion informations
> for. Accidently I discovered "/var/log/installer/partman", which looks
> like being from the time before my dumb Chuck-Norris-Roundhouse-Kick  ;)
> That logfile looks like having reasonable partition informations of all
> drives.
> Can anybody please shine me a light, how to patch the partition tables with
> informations from that file, so it might be possible to gain access to data
> ...
> kind regards
> Gero
Hi Gero, 

maybe you can fix it, when you use fdisk, delete all partitions and create 
exactly the same partitions withe the exactly size as before. But do NOT 

This worked for me, when I accidently loosing my partitions by using a mirror 
tool from windows.

I lost my ext3 partitions that day.

Maybe another option, to rescue data might be using the tool "dd",but I am not 
experienced with it.

Testdisk might also be able to rescue the partitions. Another good tools are 
on SuperRescueCD or UltimatebootCD for Windows. Google for it.

Good luck


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