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Re: Your favorite version control software

On 24/03/11 20:33, Jason Hsu wrote:
What's your favorite version control software for software development?  Subversion?  Git?  Something else?

I'd have to say git.

I've been using version control systems since the early 1980's. I started developing a system to manage a product I was responsible for using a layer on top of SCCS (recursor to RCS, a precursor to CVS) trying to achieve exactly what git can now do. Of course I (and my team) didn't have the class to invent what Linus did.

Our product what a base system in the telemetry area which then got modified for each individual project. I needed a system that could maintain version control whilst multiple project made changes around the core.

Since those days, I always develop my own personal software using version control. I had long since understood the benefit of being able to know all the separate changes I had made in time. I had tried CVS, Bitkeeper and SVN but when Linus announced that he was suspending Kernel development whilst he got something together to replace Bitkeeper I decided to jump on the mailing list and find out what was going on.

I didn't realise immediately what he had invented, but when I saw how distributed development and multiple branches - with merging - really worked I understood he had achieved what I had been trying to achieve all those years ago.

I have been a fan ever since

Alan Chandler

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