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Re: Debian Freeze

On 03/24/2011 04:22 PM, Holmes, Christopher S wrote:
My name is Christopher Holmes and I am a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am working on a project where we have three computers set up in a mesh network (802.11s). One computer acts as a gateway and is wired to the Internet. The other computer acts as an access point. The gateway and access point communicate wirelessly with 5GHz PCI wireless cards. The internet is accessible via the access point over the mesh network. My problem occurs when a client connects to the access point with a 2.4 GHz wireless card. The client can access the internet through the mesh network. However, after a few minutes either the access point or the gateway freezes and the network crashes. Upon reboot the network works again.

I need helping troubleshooting these crashes. I don't believe the problem is with the kernel because nor hing is written to the /var/log/dmesg. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can supply more specific information if needed.

Thank You
Christopher Holmes

The problem can be kernel related , have a look on kdump-tools and crash packages .

Regards ,

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