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Re: Debian Freeze

Have you tried wireshark to monitor the network traffic to see if there is
something consistent that leads to the crash?


> Hello,
> My name is Christopher Holmes and I am a student at the Georgia Institute
> of Technology. I am working on a project where we have three computers set
> up in a mesh network (802.11s). One computer acts as a gateway and is
> wired to the Internet. The other computer acts as an access point. The
> gateway and access point communicate wirelessly with 5GHz PCI wireless
> cards. The internet is accessible via the access point over the mesh
> network. My problem occurs when a client connects to the access point with
> a 2.4 GHz wireless card. The client can access the internet through the
> mesh network. However, after a few minutes either the access point or the
> gateway freezes and the network crashes. Upon reboot the network works
> again.
> I need helping troubleshooting these crashes. I don't believe the problem
> is with the kernel because nor hing is written to the /var/log/dmesg. Any
> help would be greatly appreciated and I can supply more specific
> information if needed.
> Thank You
> Christopher Holmes
> --
> Christopher Holmes
> Georgia Institute of Technology
> Electrical and Computer Engineering
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