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Re: Mouse disappeared after update to squeeze 6.0.1

On Tue, 22 Mar 2011 18:04:40 -0400 (EDT), Steven Sciame wrote:
> What is the easiest way to downgrade the kernel as a work around
> for this problem?

First of all, please do not top-post.

If you installed Debian from a CD, there may be a back-level copy of
the package file (.deb file) on the CD that you can use.

If not, when a package is downloaded from the internet, a copy of the
package file (.deb file) is placed in the package cache
(/var/cache/apt/archives) and is installed from there.  Sometimes,
you can find a back-level package there.  An "aptitude clean" or
"apt-get clean" command erases all files from the package cache.

If the first two options won't work for you, you can try


You can usually find back-level packages there.

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