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Re: Format ext3 hard drives

On Tuesday 22 March 2011 02:42:36 pm Dan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using the netinst to install Debian. I have one hard drive of
> 160GB and 2 hard drives of 2TB. Each hard drive has a ext3 partition
> for the whole drive. I used ext3 instead of ext4, because that is the
> default value in Squeeze.
> The netinst is creating the ext3 partitions but it is taking for ever.
> I think it has done the 160GB partition and now it is doing the 2TB
> partition. The progress bar has shown 33% of the process for 2 hours.
> Is this normal? Does it take so long to format a 2TB partition. I
> would expect that the progress bar should move with the time.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
Not sure about the initial format but all subsequent  fsck take lots of time with 
ext3, esp 2 TB. i would switch to ext4,you can do this during the netinstall, 
high light ( press enter) on the file system entry and a pop up screen appears 
with more file system choices.



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