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lltag problem

I tried to change the values of the Tracknumbers in a set of ogg files
and ended up with two Tracknumber fields containing different values.

Perhaps this does not matter?  The files play perfectly on my Sansa and
the current and next track name and the album name display correctly. 

Do any players use the track number information?

History: At some time in the past I used Audacity to capture the sound
tracks from an lp and saved them as .wav files to write to a cd.
Audacity would have saved them as .ogg files but at the time I did not
own a mp3/ogg player.  Now I do so I used oggenc to convert the .wav
files to .ogg files at the same time adding the tag information.  The
command line set for the artist and album did not change so it was only
necessary to enter the title and use it for the .ogg file name.  All
this worked perfectly but I had also put a track number in the command
line and forgot to change it for each file.  They all have track number
8 except for the one I tried to fix with lltag.  It has two entries, one
for track number 8 and one for track number 15.

Should I just leave well enough alone?  


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