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xvidtune and Intel

Does xvidtune ever work with onboard Intel video chipsets?  It never has for

I'm running testing (Wheezy) on an Intel i5 CPU (DH55HC).  Most video
functions seem fine, but if I try to re-center the display with xvidtune, I
get this:

  "You have requested a mode-line.  That is not possible, or
   not supported by your configuration"

Adding ModeLine statements to xorg.conf also fails.  Nowhere in Intel docs
could I find the name of the video chipset, but this line in dmesg:

  agpgart-intel 0000:00:00.0: Intel IGDNG/D Chipset

indicates it's the IGDNG/D (Clarkdale) chipset, which as I understand it is
integrated into the CPU.  I have the xserver-xorg-video-intel package, and
lsmod shows the i915 module for video.

I have also never gotten xvidtune to work on my Lenny box, which has an Intel
Pentium 4 and the 946GZ video chipset.  The hardware is four years old.  I've
kept Lenny up-to-date, but xvidtune and ModeLines still fail.  I had thought
a fix might be distributed at some point.  Only on a third box with a separate
Asus GeForce2 video card did xvidtune and ModeLines work.

In one case, I dodged the problem by using the monitor's push-buttons to
center the display.  However, the button is broken on the other monitor.

Does anyone know if the onboard Intel VGA chip can support this function?  If
so, should I file a bug report against x11-xserver-utils?  Thanks.

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