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Re: unmount on shutdown

Op 21-03-11 01:09, Joel Rees schreef:
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Geoffrey Smith <gps@asu.edu> wrote:
>> Hello, I am using Debian 6.0 Squeeze and the Gnome desktop on a typical
>> desktop computer.  Suppose I have a USB drive mounted on /media/ and I do a
>> normal shutdown via Gnome.  Is the USB drive automatically unmounted as part
>> of the normal shutdown process?  The reason I ask is because I forgot to run
>> umount before shutting down.  Thank you.  Geoff
> For a little more explanation, if you shut down some
> awkward/unexpected/exceptional way, such as a power blackout or a
> cleaning staff mis-operation of the power outlets (well known
> example!) or (ahem) when your 6-year-old son figures out that the
> power switch on the back does something, there is a possibility that
> dirty caches may not have been written to the disks before the DC
> power from the PS module drops.
Also something to keep in mind: if you only READ from a drive, there's
no need to unmount before unplugging. However, to only read you must
have mounted the filesystem with an option like noatime (or mount a fat
filesystem, that doesn't support access times), else stuff will be written.


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