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Re: squeeze on asus 1001px

On 21/03/11 21:19, Frank wrote:
> Hello,
> �
> I try to install squeeze on my little eeepc.�I tried the mini.iso
> net-boot on a usb Key but the installation failed with the installation
> of the Grub.
> Do you have any information about it ?
> �
> I tried to boot and install it manually but no /target file, no fdisk,
> no apt-get, and no grub-install.
> How can i do ?
> �
> Help I depress....
> �
> Thanks you a lot for you great job for Debian and thanks you for your help.
> Frank

I sounds like the same problem I had with the ASUS PC Eee 701SDs?

See http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2011/03/msg00930.html for a
possible solution.


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