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Re: Network connection drops in Squeeze

On 03/09/2011 05:32 PM, David A. Parker wrote:
So far, this has never happened randomly during an SSH session. It
always seems to be triggered by some sort of network activity. What's
especially frustrating is that absolutely nothing gets logged in the
system logs when this happens.

I originally suspected that the network adapter was being put to sleep,
but that doesn't explain why I can sustain a normal SSH connection for
long periods of time. I can even leave the computer on overnight and
nothing stops working. If it were a sleep or suspend issue, I would
think it would happen when the interface was idle, but I haven't ruled
this out.

Does anyone know what I should check to see if this is some sort of
power management issue? I stopped acpid, but the behavior persists.

The behavior I'm seeing is very similar to what's described here:


Could this be a driver bug, perhaps?

    - Dave

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