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Re: kppp not working after upgrade

On Mon, 07 Mar 2011 20:59:50 -0500, Mark Grieveson wrote:

> I recently upgraded to Debian Squeeze. kppp was working in Lenny, but
> does not work now. It connects to the modem, and dials, but it then
> gives an error 1 (pppd error that apparently means "An immediately fatal
> error of some kind occurred, such as an essential system call failing,
> or running out of virtual memory.") Sometimes when I try to run it, the
> program freezes, and I have to use xkill to get rid of it. I can connect
> to the internet using pon/poff (via a setup with pppconfig), but kppp
> does not work. I'm a member of both dialout and dip groups. The file
> /etc/ppp/peers/kppp-options is set to noauth (it's uncommented, and thus
> working).
> Any suggestions on how I can fix kppp?

I would try to run it from konsole in the hope you can get further info 
on the failure. Is there anything else (besides that succint "error 1") 
in the kppp log? :-?

Another thing you could try is to create a new dial-out profile to avoid 
any incompatibility with the older configuration.



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