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Re: Important to me

Dne, 06. 03. 2011 22:52:21 je beno hamid napisal(a):
1 - I am bad in writing bug
2 - And the worst in the English...[?]

I want to clarify a point  abou joystick linux
There is a problem in several gamepad on the market ...Specifically.. .th
The initial value of some Axis is Unreal...!!
Because some companies sell gamepad With 2 axes,But it contains within it
MicroControl for 6 or 8 axes
If the axes non-existent and has a value...Becomes a disadvantage in

Body in the game moves to the right or left

This problem appears in many forums such as "wine forums"
Do not tell me ... Experimented with many of the computers and Linux
distributions, 8 joystick
Remaping the joystick axis is not Successful

I could not understand or a change file "joystick.h"  Until now
I know you do not accept complaints of this kind , But I want to clarify

Thanks Debian team


This is a list for users of Debian; if you want your message to reach the "Debian Team", there are other lists for the Debian developers and the Debian project.

As for "several gamepad on the market": yes, there are many. And, as a general rule, the manufacturers don't care about anything but Windows. They don't publish the technical specifications needed for writing a driver. That's not a coincidence, or a mishap; it's part of a broader, well defined marketing policy. All us GNU/Linux users have been bitten by that sooner or later. I personally have two Belkin wireless PCMCIA cards that are now just gathering dust in the attic because they will never work under anything but Windows XP. Not even under any other brand of Windows. Stupid me.

So when you see "Windows-ready" written in bold letters on the package, what you should really read is:

"Will never function under anything but Windows. Buy at your own risk. If you don't use Windows, we don't give a damn about you as a customer. Actually, we almost hate you. You're just a loud nuisance. Go shop elsewhere and never bother us again."

The next time, take them literally. Go shop elsewhere. There are many GNU/Linux hardware compatibility lists (HCL) available on the internet; even Ubuntu started one not so long ago. Money is power: use it wisely. I personally am never buying Belkin again for as long as I live.


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