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Re: proffer for web server in debian 6

In <[🔎] AANLkTi=Ggtr5BpYY6L0hc2af3pL6z-ra9QK1TMBz-0tR@mail.gmail.com>, hamed 
hosseini wrote:
>i am web developer and work with php and i want some idea about debian web
>server for start

Debian Squeeze has the "top 3" web servers: Apache 2, Lighttpd, Nginx.  For 
PHP 5 + Apache 2, just install libapache2-mod-php5 and it'll put in what is 
needed.  For PHP 5 on the others, you probably need php5-cgi and the daemon 
plus a little bit of configuration.

I recommend Apache 2, it's a good all-around web server with a lot of features 
and Debian provides a pretty awesome configuration interface for it. 
a2{en,dis}{mod,site}.  Later, if you find good reason, you can always switch 
another web server.  Usually, the amount of PHP you need to change is fairly 

PHP 4 is not available in a supported version of Debian.  PHP 6 is not yet 
available in a supported version of Debian.
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