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Re: opened OpenSSL port


Chris Davies a écrit :
> erikmccaskey64 <erikmccaskey64@zoho.com> wrote:
>> Are there any iptables rule for restricting connections to dyndns names?
>> e.g.: only allow connection from "asdfasdf.dyndns.com" and
>> "asdfasdf2.dyndns.com" and "asdfasdf3.dyndns.com"?
> No. Iptables is about IP addresses (and ports). Not names. But
> /etc/hosts.allow could provide a level of protection for names matching,
> e.g. "*.dyndns.org".

This won't work, because usually the reverse DNS is not in *.dyndns.org.

somename.dyndns.org -> IP address -> some other name defined by the ISP.

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