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Re: How to recover file system of EXT3 ?

On Sat, 05 Mar 2011 08:25:55 +0900, J.Hwan.Kim wrote:

> When I copied a file with Korean name, the file system might be broken.
> The size of copied file is displayed as Tera bytes. My filesystem is
> ETX3.
> How can I recover the filesystem of ETX3?

How did you reach the concluison that your filesystem may be broken? How 
did you checked the size of the file ("ls", "stat"...)? Are you seeing 
any errors on dmesg, when booting or mounting and reading/writing into 
the mentioned partition? Is it a system volume or data partition?

Before thinking in recovery options I would investigate a bit more about 
that filename and its reported wrong size :-?



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