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Re: Revert to lenny's grub

On 3/3/11, George <pinkisntwell@gmail.com> wrote:

> Indeed... I tried grub-update and it didn't work, so I just assumed my
> old menu.lst will still work and turned off the computer. Now I'm at
> work and won't be able to test it until I get home...

Something unfortunate happened: I removed grub-pc and installed
grub-legacy, but my computer still boots using grub 1.97! It seems to
work fine now, but I don't like the fact that grub and grub-pc show up
as "not installed" in aptitude, grub-legacy shows up as "installed",
but my computer is booting with 1.97. What's going on here? Is it
possible that grub 1.97 was installed in the MBR? Forgive me if the
explanation is off-base, I'm not very familiar with the booting

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