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Re: Flash video stopped working[NOT SOLVED]

On 04/03/11 14:26, Alan Chandler wrote:
On 04/03/11 14:02, Alan Chandler wrote:
On 04/03/11 08:55, Andrei Popescu wrote:

Do you have gnash installed?

Interesting question. It appears so, although this morning I had just
decided to try and remove swfdec as it said it was a transition package,
and that immediately removed gnash.

I have tried this particular youtube video with and without gnash and it
seems to make little difference.


I also have other web sites where I have flowplayer installed. These
seems to work fine - but I think it also pulls in swfobj via js.

I further re-install of gnash (but not the associated browser plugin) it
seems to work OK now

Famous last words. It got half way through the video and them started behaving strange again.

I shut down Chrome (which I was using just this particular time) and restarted it - it immediately started rendering wrongly.

Alan Chandler

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