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Re: Please help

On 3/4/2011 12:50 AM, Hal Vaughan wrote:
On Mar 3, 2011, at 11:06 PM, Ryan Collins wrote:

Someone for the love of GOD, help me.
2) Some have suggested using a different distro.  I like Debian, but it is designed for certain situations and you may find Linux Mint or some other distros, including Ubuntu, as easier to use when you start out than Debian.  I know when I started I used a distro called Mandrake (R.I.P.) that was VERY easy to use and it helped me learn a LOT about Linux.  It was a while before I was finally ready to start using Debian (but Debian was also harder to learn in those days).

I hope this helps.


I believe that PCLINUXOS is supposed to be derived from Mandrake. I really like PCLINUXOS. You can get it the same way as the other distros. Just download the .iso and burn it to disk. You will have to start the
live version, and then select install.

BTW--all distros have the capability to run with single click of the mouse, which is what Linux started with, but most now default to a MS-like double click. It may be tricky to find the option, but it's there. (I guess
you figured out my choice!)  (You can also fix MS  Windows to do that.)


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