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Re: Debian Newbie need help

on 17:58 Thu 03 Mar, p3qwestra@hushmail.com (p3qwestra@hushmail.com) wrote:
> Hi.
> I need help please.
> Because I'd like to move to Debian, I have tried the Debian 6 Live 
> CD. However, because the screen refresh rate is fixed on 60hz,

For CRTs, that's an issue, especially if you have flourescent lighting.

For LCDs, 60Hz is the preferred refresh.  As you don't have a scanning
gun, flicker simply doesn't happen.

There are so many wins of LCD over CRT that I'd see little to no reason
to stick with a CRT display.

> I cannot proceed. I am unable to change the rate and leaving it on
> that setting means I get migraine. My graphics card is a 256MB NVIDIA
> 7600 PCI-Express which can handle much higher resolutions; as can the
> monitor - an excellent Gericom CRT which can also handle much higher
> frequencies. I've tried to find help but am lost in the maze of topics
> none of which seem to relate. However, from a Google search, this
> would seem to be a long standing problem and not just with Debian.
> Interestingly Puppy has no problems in giving me the needed screen and
> refresh options.

That said:  xrandr is probably your first resource, though you can also
muck with /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

As others have noted:  post /var/log/Xorg.0.log

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