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Debian Installer Design Oversight?

I downloaded debian-6.0.0-i386-DVD-1.iso and used it to install Debian
on a usb stick.  All went perfectly until the final question which was
to the effect

Other operating systems and hard drives have been found on this system.
Do you want the mbr written to the first hard drive?

My answer was no, of course.  I wanted the mbr written to the usb stick
and I certainly didn't want to alter the system I was using. So the
installation ended without writing the mbr anywhere.

Since the computer was running from the installation disk I could have
modified the bios boot sequence for hard drives to move the usb stick to
the top of the list but would the installation program look at this
information?  How would it chose between the first ide hard drive, the
first sata hard drive and the usb stick?

Without starting over what is the best way to make the stick bootable?


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