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Re: VMware Workstation

On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI <eduardo@kalinowski.com.br> wrote:
On Qua, 02 Mar 2011, hamed hosseini wrote:

can i install VMware Workstation Linux 7.1.3 in debian 6 64bit and how?

Maybe. It used to be a pain because the kernel changed but the vmware drivers were slow to catch up. It probably still is.

Amen. That is what drove me away from VMware server to ESXi and ultimately away from VMware in general. I spent a week after a kernel upgrade getting the vmware server to start, at least long enough to do something else with the vms that lived on it. I finally set up an ESXi box. (Since this is a home network, I am not about to try to cost justify a couple of thousand dollars on a virtualization solution to my wife...)

The main reason I migrated away from esxi is because in my all-Linux/BSD home network, I did not want a virtualization solution that could *only* be managed by running a Windows machine...And running a Windows machine on my network solely to run the infrastructure client.

So I use vbox on the desktop (e.g. for testing distros, etc), and for my long haul virtualization needs, I use OpenVZ, and am waiting for LXC to get there to convert over to that.

and tell me your opinion about vmware in linux

Give VirtualBox a try, it can do most things that vmware workstation can, and is much easier to set-up.

Concur. For desktop virtualization, vbox is the best way to go, at least at this point with its new oracle livery...


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