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Re: Re: question about storage

I recently needed to acquire an box with the same requirements... So on to Ebay ugh... and found:

These cases are well laid out and very quiet too. Got this with an offer of $80 per unit. plus $30 ship

This is the 1.8Ghz Hex core it burns 40W and puts out no heat.. So you can safely use passive cooling. I got with an offer of $70 per unit.

This is the like the lots of ram I bought.

1 2u case with Asus KFSN4-DRE  $110 with shipping.
2 2x 2419 EE hex core                  $160
32Gb ddr2 667 ecc reg                  $580
So for little over a grand with drives you can have a solid used 12 core box.


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