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Re: NTP-Server no longer available in Squeeze?

In <[🔎] 4D6DBFCB.2030906@gmail.com>, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
>John Hasler wrote:
>> Jimmy Johnson writes:
>>> Instead of the 'ntp' server what you probably want is 'ntpdate'
>>> installed...
>> Ntpdate is deprecated.
>I appreciate your post and it's not the first time mentioned, I've been
>using ntpdate for many years and still do with KDE, so I don't
>understand the problem, ntpdate gets the time from a Internet server and
>sets my clock, I don't need to install a server to do that. So what is
>the problem?

Most computers have a decided skew in their clock speed, so that they need to 
be constantly adjusted to retain the correct time.  Setting this time once 
only gives the perception of accuracy.  VMs are even worse; if their clock 
doesn't run 3x as fast or 3x as slow it changes speed unpredictably.

I use openntpd with the -s startup option.
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