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Re: sysv-rc-conf and LSB headers

On Ma, 01 mar 11, 11:38:20, freeman wrote:
> Hey,
> Is there a replacement for sysv-rc-conf? I assume it is obsolete since LSB
> headers now control the initscript sequence.
> Been using /usr/lib/lsb/[install|remove]_initd . (Don't know whether insserv
> is better.)
> sysv-rc-conf was a nice tool.

Only the priority settings have been made obsolete by insserv, you can 
still edit runlevels with it.

If you really need to locally adjust the ordering (is the LSB header 
correct for all involved scripts? Maybe you found a bug) I think insserv 
has some ways to override the information in the LSB headers.

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