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Re: Two node storage failover with lvm and ISCSI


Am Freitag, den 18.02.2011, 20:37 +0800 schrieb Justin Jereza:

> I'd consider running clvm + gfs2 instead. That way, both nodes can
> stay up and connected to the same filesystem at the same time. The
> only decision left would be which node to use. OTOH, you can have an
> HA configuration as well.

two points against gfs:

1. I red very often, that GFS is very slow
1.1 So we have to create files and export them too as ISCSI targets.
2. We want to export ISCSI devises for other OS, like Windows, Solaris,
OSX etc. So we stick on plain ISCSI exports:


For what we need drbd? Cloning? We don't need, cause all hosts can see
the disks.

cu denny

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