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Re: How long has your Lenny -> Squeeze upgrade taken?

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 7:44 AM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:

I'd say give yourself 4-8 hours follow the release notes though the upgrade.
You can upgrade multiple systems at once.  Most of this time is spent waiting,
so you can do multiple systems at once.  There will be occasional debconf
prompts, so it's difficult to completely automate and you'll need to keep the
systems you are working on straight.

Thank you Stephen.  Did my first upgrade last night following the Release Notes, and this is pretty much exactly the estimate it took for me.  I run about as vanilla of a Lenny system as possible, and the only hiccup was with fstab not mounting my vfat storage partition (the "noauto" option worked in Lenny, but Squeeze did not auto-mount the drive, so I changed to "auto").

On a side note, my Lenny installation was 3.6 GB per clonezilla when I backed up before upgrading, but 5.9 GB after upgrading to Squeeze, with running apt-get autoremove per the Release Notes upon completion of the upgrade.  Am I missing a step after upgrading that helps get the footprint smaller?

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