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Re: Hibernate works, but resume reboots midway

On 02/16/2011 06:33 PM, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:
Rakhesh Sasidharan schreef:

I am using Squeeze (Linux) on a netbook (an Ideapad S10). Pretty
standard install from the first CD, using GNOME, custom partitions -
with /boot an a primary partition and the rest of the space an encrypted
partition which has LVM on it.


I can confirm that the initramfs config files have the file with
'RESUME' set to my swap partition (/dev/mapper/xxx). And the swap
partition's set in '/etc/fstab' too and is active.
From what I can understand from the 'pm-suspend.log' file (attached),
hibernate seems to be working, but it doesn't even reach the resuming
stage. There's only one instance when it tried to thaw, and that time it
I seem to have something similar. My suspend to disk always worked fine (I am using uswsusp as a frontend), but some time ago it started to -- sometimes -- reboot after waking up from hibernate. The reboot happens when the whole pagefile has just been read and it normally switches to X. Yet, without any error it reboots. There's also nothing logged in pm-suspend.log

Yup, same here. The bit that its about to hibernate gets logged, but nothing gets logged about resuming.

Stranger (do you have that too. Rakhesh?) is that it does this something like half of the time. The other half suspend-resume works as it is supposed to work.

For me, of the 4-5 times that I hibernated, it just worked properly one time. All other times it failed. I guess it is something related to the kernel, as I think it started happening after the latest kernel update. However, I think it was just a recompile of the same source (the latest kernel update before squeeze went stable) so I am not sure.

I know it won't help you, Rakhesh, but maybe we together can find some common ground to explain this phenomenon.

One thing I am going to try now is to put a 'resume=' line in my grub config. I read some bug reports where doing so helped the user (they had a different problem, but it was to do with hibernation and resuming so I figure no harm in trying). I'll let you know how that goes.



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