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Re: hyperlatex for squeeze

Russell L. Harris wrote:
A few weeks ago, I saw a bug report or a posting regarding the
inclusion of hyperlatex in Squeeze.
If I recall correctly, hyperlatex has a dependency upon Emacs 22,
which, in turn, has a problem with unicode.  I do not find hyperlatex
in the Squeeze repository.

Previously running Etch, I have been using hyperlatex to generate a
website.  Now I am wondering whether there is a good work-around in
Squeeze.  Or must I run Lenny or continue to run Etch?

Is is likely that hyperlatex is going to be included in Squeeze? or
is the complement of packages in Squeeze fixed, inasmuch as Squeeze
now is Debian "stable"?

I can't live without hyperlatex. I just installed it in Squeeze, using emacs22 debs from Sid. It appears upstream support for it has evaporated too. I got the emacs22 debs from a local mirror that I created a year ago when it was still around in Sid. I'll be glad to make them available.


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