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Re: Hardware needed for home network

i'm not going to comment on the security of this (mainly spoofing a mac address), but will instead comment on how to do this. you'll need a hub or switch and ethernet cable (obviously).

take your 'modem' and hook it up to the device, take the computer(s) and hook them up to the device.
on your server, configure eth0 and eth0:0 (or eth0:1, or whatever you like). setup pppoe to use one of those interfaces.
(off the top of my head) echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
setup your other virtual device (or whatever linux calls it) with an ip.
and, i don't recall the iptables rule to do nat - it's a postrouting rule called masquerade (that should help with google)
at this point, packets should be able to be routed from any computer on your physical network with the right subnet and with their default gateway set to your computer's internal ip.

you can setup dhcp, bind, or whatever else you like on this gateway server to make life easier with the client computers. i think there's a networking howto you might want to check out (tldb.org iirc).

i'm not going to go into how bad doing this with one nic is, and how you really don't have any excuse for not finding an old computer (anything that still boots will work for this) and throwing two nics in it and doing it right. while some might like ipcop and friends, i personally have lots of love for vyatta. vyatta is the shit when it comes to turning a computer into a router - ain't nothing out there that can touch it short of $2k+ of hardware (maybe more).

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