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Re: grub 2 problems ??

hi bob, took aome time before i could answer you (family to take care of).
i try out your suggestions on a spare machine with two hd's (pata). i let you know if it works.

thank you for your answer.

kind regards,


Bob Proulx schreef:
steef wrote:
for years (from potato/woody on) i have mounted 3 hd' s in my
machine (independently installed from each other with debian,
somtimes slackware and/or gentoo) from one specific hd with/after
the command #mkdir /mnt/sdx, mnt/sdy etc.  and in fstab  /dev/sdx
/mnt/sdx ext3 user  0  0&&  (to keep it simple). on each hd i had a
bootloader (lilo and later grub) installed.

with grub2 as bootloader under squeeze i cannot mount other hd's
anymore when independently on the *other* hd' s a bootloader (grub2)
in the mbr is installed. without installing grub2 in the mbr of a
sata-hd the hd on which i am mounting *does* recognize the other hd
*with the exception of (old) ata hd's.

my question: what do i miss if anything? or is this normal for the
new grub? is there anything to do about this? has this got to do
with UUID-numbers?
I imagine the problem you can't directly boot the other system's
anymore is that the version differences between the stage1 and stage2
loaders have grown enough that they are no longer compatible.  But I
don't know and that is just a guess.

You could try chainbooting the other bootloader.  That is how grub
boot's "alien" bootloaders (such as MS) and I assume would work with
different versions of grub and lilo too.  But I admit I haven't tried
it.  And in fact I looked but couldn't find an example machine that I
could log into that had such a configuration.  (Not much MS in use
here. :-)  But according to the docs and my memory something like this
should work:

   title Some Alien OS Here
   rootnoverify (hd0,0)
   chainloader +1

You would of course change (hd0,0) to match your actual disk and
partition location that you want to boot.

You should be able to test this by interactively entering those at the
grub command line at boot time.  That would allow you to perform this
test without changing anything.  Just stop the boot process at the
grub menu and then enter the command line and perform those commands
manually following the menu instructions.

Since I wasn't able to try the above if anyone has any corrections to
the process that would be most welcome.


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