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grub 2 problems ??

hi list,

for years (from potato/woody on) i have mounted 3 hd' s in my machine (independently installed from each other with debian, somtimes slackware and/or gentoo) from one specific hd with/after the command #mkdir /mnt/sdx, mnt/sdy etc. and in fstab /dev/sdx /mnt/sdx ext3 user 0 0 && (to keep it simple). on each hd i had a bootloader (lilo and later grub) installed.

with grub2 as bootloader under squeeze i cannot mount other hd's anymore when independently on the *other* hd' s a bootloader (grub2) in the mbr is installed. without installing grub2 in the mbr of a sata-hd the hd on which i am mounting *does* recognize the other hd *with the exception of (old) ata hd's.

my question: what do i miss if anything? or is this normal for the new grub? is there anything to do about this? has this got to do with UUID-numbers?



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